Britney Spears – Discussion


I think you’re right, that’s probably why it looks so awkward and weird.


Good lord they could have at least taken an unreleased photo from the Private Show shoot


Her team is so cheap these days :weary: it is so cringy …


It’s the first anniversary of Slumber Party today.

Her best video this decade.







@Jordanxo Are you referring to Work Bitch as her best video this decade?


Only because it is. :tea: Best costumes, best choreo, face before those unnecessary fillers.


Same. They canceled it because it was too sexual, and then gave us “Slumber Party”.





Can’t believe POM is finally ending tbh :sweat_smile::joy:


Have any of you heard this?


GIVE US THE O.G. “Make Me”, plus another single, to make up for the bullshit your management and label have put us through!


Something tells me it will be some kind of Greatest Hits coming as well. Maybe some sort of double promo for the POM Bluray release and a Greatest Hits tie-in?


Yea, I agree. Let’s pray for a few new songs on par with “3” like last time! :raised_hands:


I need some new britney bitch in my life


One of the most underrated tracks from In the Zone.


I want new music! Hopefully we do get the POM Bluray soon tho!


I seriously love this

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