Christina Aguilera - Liberation (June 15th, 2018)



Erm. Ok. :tongue::v:t2:


Signed CD’s!


HATE the features, but IDGAF because Christina is back! I’m nutting! It’s FINALLY FUCKING HAPPENING!!!





Living for the song, not so knee on the music video.
Cannot wait for this album


It’s back on Amazon MP3



I could honestly due with Ty Dolla, can’t stand his voice on the single, 2 Chainz isn’t too bad on this



Fall in Line >>>> Accelerate


my fucking WIG


First listen after the UK release. I love it.


Wig moon bound in the last 50 seconds of Unless It’s With You. Sing it Xtina.


So all in all I am happy with the album :slight_smile: Sick of sittin is one of my favourites :slight_smile: Not her best album, but a good one :slight_smile: enjoyable


the whole album is amazing tbh


I can’t believe how bad and boring this album is. it’s almost like they tried to make the worst album they could. and this after 6 years? this is your best you have to offer? how can someone with such a good voice miss the mark every album?


Yeah, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s so bad. Like, Bionic level bad.


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