Dynasty [ABC] 1981–1989, 1991; [The CW] Fridays 8/7c




I LOVE this show!

I originally started it because of Elizabeth Gillies but I was sold on the show, as a whole, a few episodes into it. Even the boyfriend loves it! It also has been renewed for Season 2!


LOVE!! I’m really hoping this will last.


That finale!


The complete first season of The CW’s Dynasty is now available for streaming on Netflix.

So, I’ve watched all nine seasons of the original series, and am on the season finale of the reboot, and I have to say I find the original series far superior. There is so much about the reboot I find to be wrong, especially in the casting department, but I mean… yeah… let’s hope the second season is an improvement.



Can’t wait for this new season

Same. Hated the series from its previews but, after watching, it isn’t that bad. Not as great as original, though.


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