Gay guys can't be friends! Right?


My best friends are gay! And that’s how we know we’re bffs. We’ve all been friends with each other since like we were like 14 (I’m 23)

It’s all a matter of experiences in your life and how you come into someone else’s life that will determine your relationship with someone tbh


@MASSEDUCTION ajjajjaa si es chica pero en bs as por ejemplo pasa lo mismo… todos estuvieron con todos, todos se conocen porque coieron o chaparon o fueron ex etc… osea es increible boludo. yo odio el ambiente. odiaria que me reconozcan por haber coido con alguien o por ser ex del amigo del novio de fulano… osea. yo por suerte soy tranquilo (?) hjahahah


I think it’s very possible for gay guys to be friends. I’m friends with a bunch of them & I promise you that I don’t wanna jump in their bed and sex them up.


i love redheads boys… jajajjaa



@MASSEDUCTION jajajaj son preciosos!!!



I can’t help it


I’m bisexual and one of my best friends is gay, and we can’t even think of being sexually engaged with one another… But I’m that way with all my friends - I don’t see them in like a sexual way, I just can’t.


I don’t have any gay friends myself.


Friends? What are those?

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