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Crow, Manhattan Tango and Mannis Chocolat sound like total BOPS.


I’m honestly not feeling it much. The production is quite grating.


Release overview for January 2018…

Date Artist Title Track Album Title Format Notes
1 Drug Restaurant Her Her single album
2 TRCNG Wolf Baby Who Am I single album
3 Momoland Bboom Bboom Great! mini-album
3 B.A.P Hands Up Hands Up single album Japanese release
3 N.Flying Hot Potato The Hottest mini-album
4 Mamamoo Paint Me Paint Me digital single
5 Amber x Luna Lower Lower digital single SM Station 2 single
8 Block B Please Don’t Leave Re-Montage full album repackage
8 Infinite Tell Me Top Speed full album
8 Stray Kids Grrr Mixtape mini-album pre-debut mini-album
9 Oh My Girl Secret Garden Secret Garden mini-album
10 MXM Diamond Girl Match Up mini-album
11 EXP Edition Stress First Edition mini-album
12 Cheetah Stagger Stagger digital single
12 Dreamcatcher Full Moon Full Moon digital single fan song
12 NCT U Timeless Timeless digital single SM Station 2 single
15 EXID In A Dream (Solji) Re-Flower digital single monthly release project
16 BoA/Siedah G Man in the Mirror Man in the Mirror digital single SM Station 2 single
17 Chungha Roller Coaster Offset mini-album
17 JBJ Flower True Colors mini-album
17 Pentagon Violet Violet mini-album Japanese release
17 Girlkind Fanci Fanci single album group debut
17 Vromance Flower Confession Trilogy digital single
18 Sunmi Heroine Heroine digital single
19 Jimin Hey Hey digital single
24 EXO Electric Kiss Countdown full album Japanese release
24 UP10TION Wild Love Wild Love single album Japanese release
24 VIXX LR Whisper Complete LR full album Japanese release
24 Jonghyun Shinin’ Poet / Artist mini-album posthumous release
24 Fromis_9 To Heart To Heart mini-album group debut
25 iKON Love Scenario Return full album
26 Yuri x DJ Raiden Always Find You Always Find You digital single solo debut
29 Suzy Holiday Faces of Love mini-album
29 VAV Spotlight Spotlight/Gorgeous mini-album
29 Red Velvet Bad Boy The Perfect full album repackage
30 LOOΠΔ One & Only Go Won single album
31 Monsta X Spotlight Spotlight single album Japanese release
31 Gugudan The Boots Act.04: Cait Sith single album
31 BoA Nega Dola Nega Dola digital single pre-release single


Don’t forget the BoA x Siedah Garrett SM Station 2 cover of Michael Jackson’s song “Man in the Mirror”. It was released on the 16th.




I’m ready to stan Lucas, Kun and Jungwoo. :raised_hands:


Here’s a throwback to Lee Hyori’s debut single in 2003.
The video has a circa-2000s Britney Spears and Beyoncé vibe.


Stylish E is still fucking flawless.


EXO and CL are performing at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Hopefully this means a lot of exposure and new music is coming from CL very soon!


Allkpop posted this a couple of days ago regarding NCT’s 18-member comeback.

allkpop.com: NCT will be launching their biggest project yet through ‘NCT 2018’, a grand-scale comeback project featuring an 18-member lineup.

According to SM Entertainment, ‘NCT 2018’ will feature a combined NCT including NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, as well as newly added members, coming out at 18 total. The label has currently prepared 6 MVs to showcase the various team combinations that ‘NCT 2018’ is capable of.

NCT will begin their ‘NCT 2018’ promotions through ‘NCT 2018 Yearbook’, then follow up with a video series about NCT’s philosophy. Their comeback album is set for release in March.

I’m excited! I’ve been waiting for a NCT U comeback since their debut.



I love how NCT are conceptually the male version of f(x) and not just another retread of DBSK/SuJu/Shinee/EXO, and that they’re not afraid to experiment. That being said, I hope it doesn’t end up blowing up in SM’s or NCT’s faces in the end when they don’t become as popular as the aforementioned groups.


it’s technically her fourth EP, but okay


I can’t believe SM are only giving her a mini-album :smirk:


The EP consist of seven tracks. The lead single, “One Shot, Two Shot” is deep house.


Press Images





excuse me, but where did you come from nct u? damn.


The “Boss” teaser gives me DBSK “Mirotic” vibes.

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