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Really looking forward to the NCT album! I’m curious as to why it wasn’t just simply named ‘Empathy’ or its original ‘NCT 2018’ title.


This one came out 2 months ago… VOCALS ON POINT!




The next title track is NCT 127’s “Touch”.


I’m hoping she’s more in line with Chuu and Yves and less Go Won.
cringes in tone deaf



She announced this last August, what the hell took so long?! :laughing:


Right. :coffin:



“Touch” sounds very Flume-like and I’m here for it.


A fourth NCT sub-unit is set to debut this year according to Naver.

The Empathy album track list leaked too:

  1. Intro: Neo Got My Back
  2. Boss [NCT U]
  3. Baby Don’t Stop [NCT U]
  4. Go [NCT Dream]
  5. Touch [NCT 127]
  6. Yestoday [NCT U]
  7. Black on Black [All members?]
  8. Timeless [NCT U]
  9. The 7th Sense [NCT U]
  10. Without You [NCT U]
  11. Without You (Chinese version) [NCT U]
  12. Dream In a Dream [Ten]
  13. Outro: Vision

Kinda disappointed it’s nearly just all previously released material.



It’s clear that the American and British music markets are dumb AF, because these are LIT!


I’m actually not too pissed at the fact that half of it is indeed already released material. It gives the orphaned singles in my iTunes a place to live.

And omg the Shinhwa teasers look fucking amazing. :skull:


There are two versions; Dream and Reality. The photobook is a whopping 148 pages
and both editions feature different photobooks, lyricsheets and diaries.



The choreography on this is great; I love the references to the teasers.



This slots in nicely with their EP tracks.


NCT really has some of the best cinematography in K-pop. That Brady Bunch-like ending was cute.


This should have been used in the cover.


It still possibly could be (and it had better be tbh). What we have is the digital cover.

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