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i felt so numb after hearing yesterday’s news. i didn’t know what to think or feel. it was a somber day.
RIP Jonghyun.


1. Heart Attack
2. Girl’s Talk (feat. Yves)

I wish I was more excited for this, but Jonghyun’s passing still has me fucked up.


Lisaaaa. :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Can we take a moment to appreciate this underrated song/video from an underrated album.

I’ve also just noticed how very MJ, Janet and circa-2000s Britney the video is.


BoA ‹ 私このままでいいのかな › 2018.02.14

1. Where Am I Now?
2. ありがとうサヨナラ
3. Crow
4. Jazzclub
5. Fly (Album Version)
6. Right Here, Right Everywhere
7. Manhattan Tango
8. Make Me Complete
9. Lookbook
10. Mannish Chocolat
11. Kiss My Lips
12. 私このままでいいのかな


Absolutely gorgeous. The entire EP is fucking flawless as per.


JYP has announced missA’s disbandment. Like this is news though… :roll_eyes:


I’m still bitter as fuck, tbh. I’m not really much of a TWICE fan and missA filled that more mature girl group gap in JYP’s roster.

Speaking of missA:

This is really cute. Jackson has got to ditch that gruffly rapping he acquired during the Flight Log series. Jia also posted a statement on the disbandment on instagram/youtube:

Words can hardly describe how I feel when the dissolution news came out. Fei, Jia, Min, and Suzy formed missA. Likewise, missA made me who I am today. I am so grateful to have these unforgettable memories with my teammates and a sincere thank you JYP Entertainment. The process of being independent is like an eagle learning to fly. So please bless me. Let’s keep good #Mood and carry on.

I’m not really quite sure why she’s commenting on the whole thing considering she left the group in 2016, but okay, werk sis.


The newer tracks sound amazing. I feel like they could have expanded it a bit by adding Japanese versions of their latest singles, but I guess that’s Avex for you. :roll_eyes:


Damn, BLACKPINK’s Wonder Girls cover is amazing. Wish they’d release it on Spotify and Apple Music.


OH WOW THIS GOES OFF. They better stan!


Everything about her English language debut was underrated; she needs to try it again, because she’d smash it!



I need this album NOW. There’s only so many times I can listen to this YouTube rip I have in my iTunes. :laughing:


Happy New Year! Here’s an overview of December releases… :grinning::heart:

Date Artist Title Track Album Title Format Notes
1 Rain Gang My Life 愛 full album
4 HyunA Lip & Hip Lip & Hip single album
4 Zion.T Snow Snow digital single
6 Block B Shall We Dance Montage mini-album Japanese release
6 DAY6 I Like You Moonrise full album
6 BTS Crystal Snow Crystal Snow single album Japanese release
6 Super Junior On and On On and On single album Japanese release
6 The Boyz Boy The First mini-album debuting group
7 GOT7 Teenager 7 for 7 Present Edition mini-album repackage
10 Taemin Day & Night Move-ing full album repackage
10 Jay Park Get It All Get It All digital single
11 TWICE Heart Shaker Merry & Happy full album repackage
12 Taeyeon This Christmas This Christmas full album
13 B.A.P Hands Up Ego single album
13 SF9 O Sole Mio Sensational Feeling Nine full album Japanese release
13 Snuper Stand By Me Stand By Me single album Japanese release
14 Microdot TBA Prophet full album
15 NCT Dream Joy Joy digital single SM Station single
19 Monsta X That Christmas That Christmas digital single
20 D-LITE あ・ぜ・ちょ! でぃらいと 2 mini-album Japanese release
20 TVXQ Reboot / Begin Reboot single album Japanese release
20 Giriboy TBA Graduation full album
21 EXO Universe Universe mini-album
26 DΞΔN Instagram Instagram digital single
26 U-KISS Ready 4 U Ready 4 U digital single
27 Apink TBA Pink Stories full album Japanese release
27 Younha TBA RescuE full album
27 Eric Nam Hold Me Hold Me digital single
28 Chuu (LOOΠΔ) Heart Attack Heart Attack single album
29 SMTOWN Dear My Family Dear My Family digital single Station 2 single
30 Kim Na Young Miss U Miss U digital single


I stumbled upon this on YouTube and fell in-love with it, too!


I could have sworn I posted “Jazzclub” when I made the BoA post. A mess.

It’s Scott’s fault.


Lower - January 5th :clap::clap::clap:



BLACKPINK’S Jennie is the new face of Chanel Beauty in Korea.

Also where did her New Zealand accent go…


Also, all members of T-ara have successfully completed their contractual duties with MBK. MBK is supposedly holding onto the T-ara brand so it looks like we’ll have another B2ST/HIGHLIGHT case where the girls re-brand. They’re all taking a hiatus and then we should be hearing news with OT6 reuniting. Let’s hope they snag a label that truly cares for them.

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