Little Mix – Discussion


Woman Like Me comes out in 5 days!!

I can’t fucking wait to hear it!

Also, it makes me so happy that Nicki Minaj is featured on it, because from being a hardcore fan, going all the way back to their first ever performance at judges houses, I know that Nicki was their first ever dream collaboration. So for this to happen is a dream come true for them, and I hope this brings more attention to them and make them bigger and better than they already are!

What they really need to become bigger in America, in my opinion, is going on SNL. I can just imagine them gong on there now performing Only You with Cheat Codes and Woman Like Me with Nicki, and I honestly think that will bring so much more attention to them!


In order for them to really become big in America is that they need to stay here beyond one-week to promote their music, and I honestly do not see this happening, unfortunately. Saturday Night Live would be great, but not an immediate fix. They’re the type of group that would’ve benefitted from the O.G. days of TRL and MTV.

I’m still pissed that “Is Your Love Enough?” got sidelined; it would’ve been a SMASH!

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