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there is a lot of fluff and filler, but if the fluff and filler is all the men in the show staying shirtless I’m totally fine with it


Just finished the new episode. Another strong one like last week’s was.


There honestly needs to be a major shake up within the next few episodes, or otherwise this show will get even less interesting than it already is. Hopefully the dead guy at Betty’s house is something look forward to and not just another “issue of the week”-thing.


I am in LOVE with Chic! I might be alone in that though haha.


You’re not actually :joy: I find his character very interesting and as far as I can see he could become the best part of the show (lol). Does any1 else think he looks like a younger (and blonde) version of Dave Franco?


I agree with you both, he’s so interesting and fresh. I hope we get a great storyline from him and he shakes things up. God knows the show needs it. If it doesn’t get better, this will be the last season I’ll watch.


My cousin said exactly that a few weeks ago when we were out to dinner. Right after he said it, I went on Twitter, and someone in my Twitter feed had same the same thing. :joy::joy::joy:

I see it, and I ain’t upset. Dave is hot, and so is Hart.


We are FINALLY all caught up (we went a few weeks of not watching because life has been hectic) but wow was the wait worth it! What did everyone think of the last few episodes and what are your predictions for the finale?


Loving the new season!


This season is so goddamn terrible. Hate to admit it, but I stopped watching it after Ep. 3. Gonna wait until the midseason finale, watch the remaining episodes and if it‘s still bad then, I will drop it for good and remember it for the first amazing season.


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