Taylor Swift - Reputation (November 10, 2017)


Can’t say I’m surprised.

Her and her team doesn’t want this leaking at all. With another countries release being before the US, it’s obvious it would appear online.

Most stores in other countries are experiencing ‘delay’ in physical shipments as well. However, it looks like people on Twitter have it but they refuse to leak it so we’ll just have to wait…


yeah i went my local store today and they said they cant promise me anything, maybe it will be in the store tomorrow, maybe next wek. so i have t order it :confused:


um guys i have a really stupid question.
i ordered the magazine + cd option, and the question is:
pls tell me that the cd will come as like a whole cd? because i just watched the video on instagram, and it seemed to me that the magazine IS the cover of the cd (so there is no cd case).
i mean i really hope that the magazine is a stand alone thing, and i will get the CD in a hard cover.


I think it’s all just one package. Especially since it’s $20


so the magazine it is like the whole CD cover and pack and all. Shit.
I should have ordered the stand then, i will miss the normal cd feel.


If what I’m gathering is correct then yeah.
It’s like a complete digipack of sorts - which is unfortunate.


i sent u a pm.

and im a little bit dissapointed bt oh well :frowning:


Yeah the magazines don’t have the CDs with the jewel cases. It’s like a digipak.

imo, I would have rather had bonuses. Oh well.


I’m hella bitter about how Speak Now - 1989 had bonus tracks at Target and this time we get a magazine lmao.


Yeah. Such a letdown imo. I’ll just get the standard version then. lol


Same. Digipacks are literally a nightmare. I have 2 of them and I regret buying them so they sit on a completely different bookshelf lmao



I’ve only got a few of them as well and I hate digipaks.


I still haven’t bought Dua Lipa’s album physically because of the case - but that’s a different story lmao


For the record, Femme Fatale’s jewel case is on CDJapan for only around 18 bucks.




Yup, with Scary included. I got mine last month.


aww shit this is just totally me. buying something and now i kinda regret it. :smiley: and i already paid it LOL. oh well, artwork and lyric betta be STUNNING!!!


The album is really great, it’s like a darker 1989, the production is on point and she delivers vocals and lyrics (as always) I CAN’T CHOOSE A FAVORITE, the whole thing is so good!


same, im just not into king of my heart and new years day.
the rest is amazing


I haven’t even listened to the leak lol.
I’m trying to hold off but ugh it’s so hard :grimacing:

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