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So far I am loving the second season! This show is positively beautiful, and if you are not watching, I recommend you tune in!


I’ll give it a go then, this looks cutee


I loved season 1 and season 2 has been pretty good so far, I still need to catch up on this week’s episode. I’m excited about Kate!


Season 1 was AMAZING! I haven’t started season 2 so I probably won’t be visiting this thread for awhile, LOL.


WI’ve never seen this show, all I hear is great things though. I might have to start watching! :tv: :eyes:


Your missing out. Mandy Moore is killing it!


You should! It’s a fantastic job, but definitely start at the beginning.


Oh God, I just had the chance to watch This Is Us: One (Kevin’s episode), it was so good! Justin Hartley’s acting was perfect and don’t even get me started on that ending! I hope I’m able to catch up within the next few days. :frowning:


As much as I loved the Kevin-centric episode, it was last night’s Randall-centric one that I loved the most!


Oh God! I’m so excited. Hopefully this weekened.


So, we are going to finally find out what happened to Jack and I don’t think I can handle it, the last episode had me in tears 3 times, it’s crazy!


We should cuddle and cry together 'cause I won’t be handling it!


I don’t think I’m emotionally ready for tomorrow, the hype for this episode is unbelievable! :cry:


I expect to be fucking shattered on the floor.


Tonight’s episode has me fucked up. I am sitting here, quarter to 1 in the morning, and I’m still in a flood of emotional tears!


This episode was everything, so touching and so beautiful. Mandy’s acting was so good!
It’s crazy how this is fiction yet you feel so attached to the characters and kinda feel for them. Jack was a total hero, the best character in the show imo.


If something happens to this fucking car after we just lost Jack I might just die myself.

Season three has officially begun!


Not saying I’m not LOVING the new season, but, I’m just not a HUGE Jack fan unless this is happening, lol.

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