What do you think of the all-new SIN 4.0?!


Yes to these!!!


So glad everyone is loving everything so far!! Thanks guys! :heart:

Yep, we are considering adding these formatting options. Just trying to add features separately to properly test everything. Topic with list linked below:



Oh, that’s very exciting, Eric! I am so glad that SIN is finally making its long-awaited comeback!


LOVE everything so far! @AirRockStaryou have really gone above and beyond! cannot wait for everything to roll out. Only thing I wish was that the Youtube video player was a little bigger, but thats so minor.


Was creating a new account mandatory? Not sure if I was supposed to.


Yes. In building 4.0, unlike 3.0, accounts were ultimately lost.


we need more people and a vip section


VIP section is there, but its not active though.




@yugglet, yea we are all starting fresh! Although we do have our old accounts saved for when/if we bring back a marketplace.

@Erik, yes we do have a VIP section, and it is slowly building back up as it did before! :wink:

Guys be sure to check out the new SIN Starter Guide topic too.


just did the bookmark thing with the greeting message but nothing happened? @AirRockStar


Oh that’s odd! The bot should have replied with instructions… Try replying to the message with:

@SINbot start new user


// Who's Online (Guests Fix)