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Surgery sucksโ€ฆ had an operation last week and feeling a bit better 7 days in but damn, this is gonna take awhile to get back to normal.

Cannot believe only 17 days left โ€˜til Christmas! Yaโ€™ll ready? Definitely not here! :santa:t2::mrs_claus:t2::christmas_tree:


Oh no, Eric! Hope you are doing well, and if you need anything, please let us know!


Thanks Scott, doing better each day! :heart:


That is awesome to hear!



Anyone else feels like we need new Nicki album?


Absolutely! I feel like sheโ€™s loosing fansโ€ฆ It has been so longโ€ฆ :crying_cat_face:


True + the ageism might start affecting her in few years. Ugh, celebrities do have it hard sometimes.


Ahhhh last night living in the city of Detroit! :night_with_stars:

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