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Well im a year older today :unamused:


Happy Birthday! :birthday:


Happy Birthday!! :gift:

Listening to My Dad Wrote a Porno at my desk in work, trying to contain my laughter but failing miserably


Happy Birthday!! :tada:


thanks @AirRockStar @Kevin and @Stan :hugs:


Happy Birthday, @PaGer! :clown_face:


@PaGer Happy B-Day! :tada:


omg todayโ€™s halloween and I forgot to carve a pumpkinnnn


:scream: that gifโ€ฆ


Iโ€™m rooting for Grace! She is fantastic! Just hope Sharon donโ€™t fuck it up.


I think Grace will make sure Sharon doesnโ€™t tbh. Sheโ€™s so focused on singing her own music. I just hope the public donโ€™t get bored of it :confused:


Happy First Day of Christmas, everyone! :hugs:



I hope not, either. The fact that Alisa (???) got voted back in, and then did another ballad? Girl. BYE!

Plus, is it me, or are the Girls category the only solid one? The boys are pitchy AF and the groups/overs seem off.


Alisa shouldnโ€™t have even got through Boot Camp, when she just burst out signing when she had already had a no, that should have stayed a no. Then it might have left a chance for another girl. Also, she suits more for musicals, not X Factor.

The girls are the strongest ones. I only like Matt from the Overs, Rak-Su from the groups, and Leon from the boys. Whereas I like Rai-Elle, Holly and love Grace.


I only like Lloyd Macey from the boys; the overs Iโ€™m not feeling anyone; the groups Iโ€™m ok with The Cutkelvins, but they are not winner material.

Grace or Holly will win this season! Mark my words!


I forgot about the Cutkelvins, I do like them, but tbh, the girls should just go solo. The brothers donโ€™t do muchโ€ฆ

I really want Grace to win. I reckon the final will be Grace, Holly and Rak-Su. But the last time I loved a contestant as much as Grace, was Ella Henderson and she got voted off so early :pensive:


BUT look at Ella, though! She went on to become a huge star, who needs to put out a new album, 'cause Iโ€™m done waiting!


I think sheโ€™s gonna release a single by the end of year, then album early next year. I would love her to do the John Lewis christmas advert, or have a big comeback on X Factor.

If all else fails for Grace, sheโ€™ll get signed as a songwriter, because sheโ€™s incredible!


I believe Simon might sign her, honestly. I donโ€™t think heโ€™d let her get away like that.

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