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i made a bjork - post wallpaper few weeks ago but now i just edited it with and outtake and it turned out good. i think iโ€™ll post it later. :anguished:


Well done you! :kissing_heart:


Anyone watch the New Years Eve show last year with all those high notes on the backtrack?


Thank you! :kissing_heart:


This song always makes me tear up. :toilet:


Work is hella boring today :weary:


Iโ€™m โ€œworking from homeโ€ today :slight_smile:


Lucky :weary:


Thanksgiving is really becoming the lost holiday, in a manner of speaking.
Iโ€™m noticing people are putting up their Christmas decorations earlier and earlier.
When I was younger, people used to actually put up Thanksgiving decorations.


this. they need to stop rushing christmas.


Thanksgiving has become my favourite holiday! It saddens me that itโ€™s glazed over. Once November 1 of each calendar year hits, itโ€™s like โ€œHI! CHRISTMAS TIME!โ€

Hallmark Channel started airing their Christmas movies mid-October, and it sickens me. Stop trying to rush the holiday. Weโ€™re becoming disgusting as a society!


Evanescenceโ€™s new album SLAYS!




Gotta get through today and tomorrow, and I am finally off work for two days!


Shhhh, youโ€™re just jealous that I can โ€œwork from homeโ€ lulu :slight_smile:


So, the Cruel Intentions pilot leaked and damnโ€ฆ NBC, you fucked up big time!


Whoa this is going to be a Chappie 2?! :open_mouth:


Agree!!! Iโ€™m loving the reworked old song.


Well, itโ€™s officially 11/13, which means I am officially one year older!


does anyone have a letterboxd account?

You use it to track, rate, and review what movies youโ€™ve watched or want to watch.
Iโ€™ve fallen in love with it!

If anyone has one or makes one. hereโ€™s my profile!

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