WWE Universe Thread



Alexa is so out of place on Total Divas


And Nia is annoying :coffin:
Kween Maryse clocking her :clap:


That was a fucking mess, I side with the Bellas now. Frenchy is so extra, just like her husband. :skull:


Maryse acting like shes a legend but no one cares about her anymore. And mess at them not introducing Carmella. They probably added her as a replacement for Eva after they started filming.


Completely agree.


Maryse is a legend bitch


No she ain’t bitch



She’s a two time Divas Champion (and she was a good one, better than AJ…), but it would be nice if she could actually wrestle again instead of just being a waste of roster space. The Miz already has 3-4 valets with him at all times. That WM match was truly embarrassing, it’s as if Vince forced her ass to hold back so Nikki wouldn’t have to sweat off her clown face makeup so she could look good on camera for the proposal.


Did you not watch Total Bellas??? her doctor told her to hold back on the moves


poor nikki ha bum neck and knee :cry:


@Xtopher @Jordanxo IM SCREAMING asklasjdaslkdjasdjlas


A MESS :skull:


the good sis Paige needs to stahp :coffin:


I forgot the first part of the text https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DNrHSNwU8AAK0Ui.jpg
The hackers aint done with ha ratty weave yet :jonny:

paige cancelled :jonny:


she was about to return too


When are Darren’s n00dz gonna leak tho :eyes:


We dont want Darren’s :no_good_woman: we want Finn’s :tongue:


Paige out here sending booty hole pics :coffin:


TBH I’m here for about half the roster leaking :eyes:

The Usos, The Wyatts, Rusev and most of the Twink Division is a no though :nail_care:

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