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I’m fucking screaming :coffin:






Hopefully Becky has a role with a lot of lines and not a role like Summer.

Still haven’t seen the one with Kweenaomi kii


Cancel whatever mess main event they have planned @ WM and book this :clap:



Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting WWE called up five of NXT’s female stars because Vince McMahon felt the RAW and Smackdown women’s divisions were stale
According to the report, McMahon made the call shortly after the Mae Young Classic took place, and Mandy Rose’s name was the first to come up since they had previously pitched ideas for a potential debut in the past
It’s worth mentioning that all of the debuts this week had people speculating this might lead to a Women’s Royal Rumble match
Pro Wrestling Sheet notes sources have not told them anything about plans for this potential match, but it doesn’t mean it still couldn’t happen


Vince is a mess :skull:
Couldve done more with the girls on the main roster smh


For once, I agree with Vince though. :coffin: It was literally the Alexa, Sasha and Charlotte show.


Shady King

Also King of Thanksgiving


King of stuffing things


King of backstage photos


King of stretching, King of tying his shoes, and King of b/w photos.


He needs to stahp before he gets Emma’d :coffin:

Also King of polls :smirk:


King of not giving a fuck



sashabankswwe Fans are gonna love that pic lol :coffin:




all red everything :hail:

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