Zayn Malik - Sophomore Album (2018)


We know he’s filmed three or four different videos, so I wouldn’t be surprised if an entire visual album is dropping. I’m lowkey hoping this is a hard reboot and all of the singles we have thus far will be scrapped. He’s capable of much better—he already proved that with Mind of Mine. Although, that being said, the videos all look to be a continuation of “Dusk Till Dawn” so I’m sure that’ll be on there.


I wouldn’t mind if “Still Got Time” got dumped from the album; it wasn’t that good of a song overall; his enunciation on it annoys the living fuck out of me. “Dusk Till Down” should be on the album, though, even if it’s pinned as a bonus track.



It’s different than I thought it’d be, but I am liking it a lot!


New promotional image by NABIL, courtesy of RCA.


“Let Me” is the lead single now.


1. All of the videos will form one cohesive, continuous movie.
2. The album will come after the singles, we know he’s filmed at least three, if not four, videos.
So we’re looking at either two or three more singles.
3. He’s almost finished recording, he’s finishing ad-libs and masters.


Interesting point. It seems like the rollout for this album will be similar (or even identical) to Tinashe’s Joyride then, with one single and video per month until the album release.


I’m liking the first two points; it seems like he and his team are focusing on the singles and then putting the album out. I like it.


It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the album during quarter 1, which sucks,
but so far the two main singles sound more summery, so I guess it’s fitting to be released Q2.


Considering we are currently in Q2 of 2018, if it does come this quarter I will be pleasantly surprised! I’m fully expecting a July/August/Q3 release but the sooner the better really!

Let Me is such a great track, I’m really loving the direction he’s going in. Can’t wait for the album (and any more videos!)


Highkey just got exposed for mentally being a month behind. :coffin:


He stated on On Air with Ryan Seacrest that he’s in the process of rehearsing for a solo tour.


It looks like he’s parted ways with First Access Entertainment, his manager citing that he’s challenging to work with due to not promoting his last album (due to anxiety, mind you, so she just came off as a massive twat).

The same article mentions that his album will be released in June.



Wonder where he’ll move to for management; the lady seems to be quite snobby from her comments I’ve read over the years, etc.


His manager is a rude bitch. Good riddance, I say. :wave:



I am ready for it, but I truly just want the album at this point. I feel like he’s waiting for fall to release it.



Love it! Now, gimme dat album!

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