5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood (June 22nd, 2018)

Bundles | Target Edition | UO Translucent Orange Vinyl
Standard Edition
1. Youngblood
2. Want You Back
3. Lie to Me
4. Valentine
5. Talk Fast
6. Moving Along
7. If Walls Could Talk
8. Better Man
9. More
10. Why Won’t You Love Me
11. Woke Up in Japan
12. Empty Wallets
13. Ghost of You
Deluxe Edition
14. Monster Among Men
15. Meet You There
16. Babylon
Target Edition
17. When You Walk Away
18. Best Friend
Japanese Edition
19. Midnight
Want You Back | February 22nd, 2018
Promotional Singles
Youngblood | April 13th, 2018




Crystal Castles (III) and the Script (#3) did it first with their third albums. :coffin:


As did many others before then, too.


A mess. A kii. A cackle.

It’s definitely an unimaginative way of titling a body of work.
If you don’t want to name it after a particular track to keep focus off of it, why not pick a lyric instead?


Exactly. It’s nearly as messy as self-titling your album. I hate self-titled works.


I feel like the only time that’s acceptable is if the body of work is personal to the artist and even that’s pushing it.


Sometimes that’s okay, but then if they come and say “This record is real personal,” and then it’s kind of like, “Didn’t you say that four albums ago?”


I see 4 members.
The band called 5SOS and the album called 3.
Interesting XD



5 Seconds of Summer. Album is called III because it’s their third album.


Their recent single wasn’t good so I hope the album is better


YOUNGBLOOD will be available to pre-order this Thursday!


The album cover is amazing.


whew, that’s a cover. i still think it’d be slightly better without the frame.


Thank GOD they changed the title!


To be fair, III was never officially confirmed as the title.

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