Additional Exclusive Categories?


In the Exclusive category (now open) we have a #exclusive:pop-sirens category, which includes discussion topics for artists such as Britney, Gaga & Beyoncé!

What are you thoughts on adding more? Maybe one for New Artists, Underground Sounds, Groups, etc… Please share anymore suggested categories as well.



I think this is a great idea. Keeps everything tidy and together.

Does the locked category just mean we can’t post or that it’s private? Another option would be to have the private groups for certain artists. That way, if you weren’t really a fan than you wouldn’t have to even be bothered with it.


This is great! I just made a NS thread, it can be added to the section later, right?


Yup! I’ve made your post a Wiki post for easier editing also!


Oh that’s great Eric, thanks!


I second this. Maybe to enter you’ll have to answer some questions, like in the Facebook groups.

It would also help to avoid some nasty comments from haters/trolls.


Is this like The Onyx Hotel long time ago?


Yea, but instead of having the section just be for Britney it would be for more female pop artists, hence the Pop Sirens title. I think having a huge list of specific artist sections would get too long… Really want to get everyones feedback on this.

Is there value in having these exclusive sections? Keep them separated or try grouping them? :thinking:


I feel like new, upcoming and underground artists
could just be posted about in a general music section.

The Pop Sirens category could have running threads for
individual artists that act like a base for fans of those artists, so
there isn’t a ton of random threads for those artists. Of course,
actual news for each artist could still be posted elsewhere.


I agree with this. You don’t want to have 50+ categories but some of the bigger ladies would be nice (Britney, GaGa, etc). I feel like you would need someone to moderate each section to keep it under control.

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