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Born in 1986, Alexz Spencer Johnson grew up in a family full of talent; five older siblings, most of whom were already involved in the acting or entertainment industry. Alexz first got her start singing for local shows and radio stations and, by the time she was 12, she landed the lead role of Annie Thelen on Disney Channel’s original series, So Weird (1999). After showing off both her acting and singing talent on the show, she won the role of Jude Harrison on The N’s Instant Star (2004), where she played a girl who won a talent show for her voice and song-writing talent. Alexz participated in much of the music-making on the show and put out four soundtracks (along with other artists in the later soundtracks, also who appeared on the show). During Instant Star, Alexz also filmed her first feature, Final Destination 3 (2006) and, soon thereafter, made two made-for-TV movies on Lifetime: Devil’s Diary (2007) and Stranger with My Face (2009), both of which she starred as the lead. Alexz wrote and recorded her first solo album, Voodoo, in Vancouver & Los Angeles, and released it in March 2010. For her second album release, Alexz obtained the necessary funds through fan donation. Let 'em Eat Cake came out in October 2014.


  • Weight (2008; unreleased)
  • Voodoo (2010)
  • Reloaded (2011)
  • Skipping Stone (2012)
  • Heart (2014)
  • Let 'em Eat Cake (2014)
  • A Stranger Time (2017)

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I can’t believe she’s released so many! I’ve only heard Voodoo and Reloaded.


She’s technically only released three studio albums: Voodoo, Let 'em Eat Cake and A Stranger Time. But, she has also released multiple EPs and demo releases, etc.

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