Anne-Marie & Little Mix - Kiss My (Uh-Oh) [Official Music Video]


Two of my favourite artists coming together on a song and it being f***ing amazing!:raised_hands:t3:

Love the song and love the video, especially the Bridesmaids reference!

Anne-Marie’s album also came out today and that’s amazing too😍



This was awesome, and they said Little Mix would end once Jesy left. But they seem stronger than ever.


They do seem stronger than ever, and even if they do decide to just go on a break after having the babies, they’ll be going out on a high rather than a ‘flop’!


They sure are! This is amazing! :fire:

This is perfect timing. Her whole new album is great!! :heart:


I don’t see it happening. They may do some solo stuff here-and-there, but I don’t see them splitting. They had the option to and didn’t.

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