Anne-Marie - Speak Your Mind (April 27th, 2018)


Release Date: 27th April 2018

1. Cry
2. Ciao Adios
3. Alarm
4. Trigger
5. Then
6. Perfect
7. FRIENDS (Marshmello & Anne-Marie)
8. Bad Girlfriend
9. Heavy
10. 2002
11. Can I Get Your Number
12. Machine
13. Breathing Fire
14. Some People
15. Used To Love You
16. Track 16
17. Rockabye (Clean Bandit ft. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul)


FRIENDS / Marshmello & Anne-Marie
Released: 9th February 2018

Released: 15th December 2017

Released: 22nd September 2017

Released: 10th March 2017

Released: 21st October 2017

ROCKABYE / Clean Bandit ft. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul
Released: 21st October 2017

Released: 20th May 2016




finally and OMG, how singles she released before the album…


“Track 16” is rumoured to be her collaboration with Ed Sheeran, which will probably be released as the final single from the album prior to release!


2002 (with backing vocals by Ed Sheeran) is out now! Watch the lyric video now!

Also, “Track 16” is now rumoured to be a collaboration with Rudimental titled “I’ll Be There”, rumoured to be released soon!

But I would have thought it would be released before the album comes out?! :thinking:


I’ve been waiting for a collection of songs to finally give her a proper go. Unfortunately, she didn’t win me over. Everything sounds like scraps that have been sitting on the bottom shelf collecting dust since 2015.

“2002” and “Bad Girlfriend” sound like audible diarrhea. The best of the lot would be either “Cry” or “Breathing Fire”, but even those don’t outweigh the subpar quality that hinders the album. Also, her voice isn’t really one of those to spread across seventeen tracks.

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