Any good SIN alternative?

Hi y’all!
Since this place is literally dead, can anyone please suggest some similar sites like SIN that was few years ago (funny community, a bit of drama and a bonus if they have Lolene).
Thanks in advance!
#sorryEric #imisstheoldSIN


I still haven’t found a new home, I think it might be too late for us Borna. :sob:


Same gutted I loved this forum and the people in it made it a fantastic community now its nothing but a desert with a tumbleweed that occasionally passes. :’’(


Well, post some stuff and begin some discussions, and engage to make people want to return!


I think its a bit beyond that realistically. I think its a case of everyone has grown up or moved onto a forum. I see all the topics made and yes they might not be made by me but judging by the responses in them. Me making topics wont change a thing.


I do not disagree with you but those who want SIN to be more active can make a difference by simply posting more and to stay on topic, there is no need to look for an alternative.


Upgrading it was a terrible terrible mistake.


Unfortunately, it was the sole decision that needed to be made. People bitch for old SIN when they bitched about that. I’ve come to the realization that people are just never, ever happy.


To be fair I never had a problem with the old look. I think what did it was the transition period.


Unfortunately, some just won’t return, but by word of mouth we can re-build the community into something bigger, better and worth while! :slight_smile:

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