👕 Apparel & Merchandise Ideas (Mockups Added)


So I’m thinking of ordering a bunch of Tees and a few items for giveaways/contest. Any thoughts on what you would like to see? Here are a few mock ups for feedback:

Front Options

Back Options

Previous Designs

Front Options

Back Options

Of course the tee color has to be chosen too. I’m thinking heathered white, black or gray with a logo on the top for the front and a logo on the bottom for the back. Then we can order a tee, hoodie, and/or pop sockets for your phone.

Open to ideas as well! :thought_balloon::bulb:

Then for our 11 year Anniversary coming up in Oct, I’ll be announcing details on how you can win our branded merch! Should be fun!


Might be a good idea to make some mockups, I know there are loads of good, free PSD templates on Google?


Yea, I’ll post some designs we can all choose from soon and/or others can submit any ideas as well!

Do you all prefer maybe a nice heathered grey tee over black or white also?


Added a few mockups! :wink:




I really like, on the top image, the center one! Just the “S” is awesome; as for the back, the first one is awesome, too!


Thanks for the feedback! :blush:

I have made a few minor tweaks to all of the concepts to clean them up at bit, much more polished now!

Next we can narrow down the tee, color options and more! I’m thinking either black, gray or white.

But what about a crazy bright color like pink? :laughing:

I actually quite like the look of these pink x white combinations :eyes:


Ooo I’d be down for that too. I kinda want us to stand out. :wink:


So fetch.

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