Ariana Grande - Sweetener [LP]



1 raindrops (an angel cried)
2 blazed (feat. Pharrell Williams)
3 the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj)
4 R.E.M
5 God is a woman
6 sweetener
7 successful
8 everytime
9 breathin
10 no tears left to cry
11 borderline (feat. Missy Elliott)
12 better off
13 goodnight n go
14 pete davidson
15 get well soon

No Tears Left to Cry | April 20th, 2018


There will be some form of promotional releases
every 20th leading up the album release.


Totally not sold on the album title; she and Mariah have that in common.


One word album titles always interest me so the title Sweetener already has me intrigued. I kind of hope she continues with the upside down text theme for this era, just so the artworks are all harmonious.


I’m excited to for the album shoot, I LOVED the Dangerous Woman shoot


Sweetener is out in August.
• The album is fifteen tracks long.
• She auditioned eight rappers on “The Light is Coming” before picking Nicki Minaj.
• “The Light is Coming” is “twitchy new wave” sounding.
• “Borderline” is with Missy Elliott.
• “Get Well Soon” lyrics: “Girl what’s wrong with you? Come back down”.
The track is solely piano, bells and vocal effects.
• On “God is a Woman,” a choir backs her over a beat
you could probably get excommunicated for dancing the right way to.
• Of the five newer tracks: Pharrell produced three, Max Martin produced one, and Tommy Brown
produced one. She thought these five were too emotionally honest at first, but revisited them.


The article has since been edited to say that the album is out in August. :confused:




Successful is a nice song.


Loving “Breathing” right now. Really hope it becomes a single! :headphones:


They would be stupid to not make that or R.E.M. a single


Dying for the next single, honestly.


Is it worth buying one of the deluxe CD’s online? I’ve only seen the standard around here, but if the bonus tracks (if there are any) aren’t worth it then I’ll just grab a standard


Agree! needs to be a single.


Good news @SmithAaronA & @AirRockStar, “Breathin’” is [likely] the final Sweetener single, and an official music video is due any time now.


Even with her new song?


Yea, I wondered the same thing. :confused:

But I’m pretty sure she said on Twitter, the music video for Breathin’ is still coming! :raised_hands:


Yep. She posted images on social media of her being on the set.


Breathin’” music video coming this week.


I can’t wait!!

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