Avril Lavigne | Head Above Water | February 2019


Album Title: TBD
Release Date: Spring/Summer 2018
Label: BMG
Writing & Demoing Dates: Fall 2015 - January 2018
Recording Dates: May 16, 2017 - Present
Status: In mixing stage now, plans to finish by end of February
Singles: TBD; Avril says it may be one she wrote when on verge of death with Lyme disease; will be an emotional ballad; may release 2 songs at once
Known Song Titles:
“Lucky Ones”
“It Was In Me”
“Don’t Stop”
“In Touch”
Expected Sound: Back to her roots (country, gospel, jazz); emotional ballads; more rock and punk; more lyrically complex, clever, and poetic; inspired by singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran;
Expected Themes: Lyme disease, empowerment, divorce, love; more themes and topics than she’s written about before; dramatic, raw, powerful, personal, intimate, an emotional journey
Collaborators: J.R. Rotem, Zane Carney, Lauren Christy, Chad Kroeger, Dan Ellis, Dave Immerman

UPDATE 18.02.2018.
She posted a photo of herself with “THE END” sentence, so we can assume the album is FINALLY done.

UPDATE 07.02.2018.*

UPDATE 22.01.2018.
She finally gave us some new info about the album, which will be probably totally wrapping around end of february.
The album will be "Personal, dear, intimate, dramatic, raw, powerful, strong and unexpected. This record is a true emotional journey."
See the Tweets:

I hope they will use this hype to release the lead single, even Billboard have now an article about it.

2017 updates:

So far we know (from the Facebook Live):

  • She has written 20+ songs

  • The songs is written using the piano

  • She has written on her own, then taken it to the producers to perfect it

  • She has taken onto topics she hasn’t really done before

  • She has gotten more poetic and clever with the lyrics

  • Warrior will be recorded this month, tho it was written 2 years ago

  • The album might be her most emotional and personal to date.
    -She does write about her journey with lyme and the road to recovery.

  • The producers has been so busy, that’s why it has taken so much time before they actually got into the studio to start working.

  • She really wants this record to be perfect

  • There are punk rock songs in the making, because she wants to have songs to rock out to live and also to balance out the record

  • Writing and recording should be done this month

  • Mixing is next

  • She was thinking about releasing 2 songs as the singles (but this is just wishful thinking from Avril)

  • She wants the first single to be a ballad


I didn’t even know she was working on this :open_mouth:


I had no idea either.


It feels like a LIFETIME since her last album :star_struck:


Yep, she is. It supposed to come out this year, but of course, we will get it first quarter of 2018. #QueenOfDelays
I just need more info tbh but this bitch loves to keeps secrets.


Any news on any new music?


I wish but no. I hope this bitch will say something in january except her favourite word SOON.


ugh…the wait is killing me! New music is long overdue Avril!!!


we have the same waiting for goodbye delay-aby… hate this


in the meantime she was also featured in this track


yeah i know, also has a track with One OK Rock (I like that track better tbh) but its still not her first single… and we are still waiting…


ASCAP LINK: https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/891035040

what do you think? i think it would be a good promo for avril


bitch better say or show something soon.


The album’s production should wrap sometime in February. According to her, the delays have been because of her finding the right producers to trust with the material.


oh my gosh, I didn’t realize how much I missed her music until I saw this thread.

I cannot wait to hear what she releases next. Hopefully it’s like Goodbye Lullaby


I hope it will be GL + UMS together. :slight_smile:


Updated the main post :slight_smile:


OMG Av I need new music like 2 years ago!!! xD


@Lovestrong !!!


Excited! Have loved all of her albums and I’m sure this will be no different. :heart:

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