Banner - Link to dedicated threads [Implemented]


A quick suggestion from me - once the site has been fleshed out a bit more, maybe the images on the banner can be links that lead to discussion about that particular artist/show/thing? So if I want to view the “Britney Spears Discussion Thread” I only have to click on her image on the banner. Not sure if this is technically feasible but if so I think it would be quite helpful.


This is a great idea, as soon as all of the respective threads are created I can add these links in! :heart:


I see that Happy Halloween works already :smiley:


Yep! Started adding links, so far Stranger Things and the Halloween Topic both link our to their respective pages. Great suggestion Kevin, love this!

Cannot wait to see the other Topics being created and I will link those out too!


Great idea! Hopefully all the topics are created soon :rofl:


Yeah I love the idea! I’m waiting for that Nicole Scherzinger banner image thoo


This idea is great!


Sorry I forgot to post this has been implemented! Loved your idea! :heart:

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