Bring back the Sigs [Evaluating]


I know this was a comment on another thread, but I think it deserves its own thread. Really enjoying this fresh layout, but I feel it lacks a bit of personalisation and uniqueness for each user that the signatures provided. I enjoy the profile cards, but reading through a thread just isn’t the same without the sigs

Do you agree?

  • Bring back the sigs
  • Death to the sigs

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If they do come back, I hope there’s an option to hide them, because I do like the cleanliness of the board without them.


I’d like to see them come back. It’s adds more character to the board.
There could always be the same dimension/character standards for signatures to keep the clean look.


Agree! I wanted them back but I love the clean fresh look. It looks GREAT on mobile too!


I agree, I feel like i’m in the comments for a facebook post


Who voted no :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I would love to have the sigs back!! The 500x200 was a perfect size to keep the board clean and nice looking! Maybe an option to hide them for those that want that as well I think that would totally work!


Hmm I am torn… I think we should go awhile without them and see how we like it, it’s so much cleaner right now! Plus the page would get so long with them on each reply now that we have endless scrolling…

Btw, there’s two new locations to save profile images with the User Card and User Background too!

We will revisit this for sure later. :wink:


Big fat NO :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

Are gif avatars allowed? Haven’t tried uploading one but since I don’t see anyone with a gif avi…


yes if sigs aint coming back soon give us gif avatars


Yeah mte, or at least make this avatar bigger? I’m all about simplicity but this feels like a comment section for me rn not a forum thread. Like I’m sure if you made another poll asking if they’d rather have endless scrolling or sigs, sigs would win


I don’t really miss signatures to be honest, I like how clean SIN looks right now. If anything make avatars a little bigger? :confused:


I’m surprised how many people voted against bringing them back tbh. I personally don’t mind either way, I like the profile and user card backgrounds.




I say bring them back but with an option to disable them if some people get annoyed by it


Okay, but how about bringing back the pages instead of endless scrolling? I feel like topics like “What’s Now Playing” will get endlessly long and actual pages would suit these topics more. And with pages back we could also have Signatures back. Although I do like the new look, it looks sort of empty without them.


Hmm, i agree with both sides. while i do love signatures, sin does look a lot cleaner without them, but if we won’t be getting signatures back i feel like having bigger avi’s (in threads at least) could be a suitable replacement.


I don’t mind either way whether the sigs are brought back or not. However from a design point of view, I don’t think they would work with the board’s current clean and modern site layout - which I do love and think is far superior than previous designs.


i dont want it. i like this minimal look.


I do agree that user customization is missing. If sigs aren’t coming back, maybe something more customizable next to the username? Like in my case instead of “thnok VIP member…” something more of a custom text?

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