Camila Cabello - Camila (January 12th, 2018)


Release Date: January 12, 2018

Track list:

1. Never Be The Same
2. All Those Years
3. She Loves Control
4. Havana (feat. Young Thug)
5. Inside Out
6. Consequences
7. Real Friends
8. Something’s Gotta Give
9. In The Dark
10. Into It

Target Bonus Tracks:

11.Never Be The Same (Radio Edit)
12.Havana (Remix) - Camila Cabello & Daddy Yankee (Target Exclusive)


Havana | September 8, 2017

Music Videos:


Supposedly, that isn’t the album’s title anymore.


Havana is amazing, I can’t wait for this album it’s gonna be insane


Ready for more form this album!


I actually really like Crying In the Club, but once she dropped Havana and OMG, I had a feeling the album’s sound would change



Just listened to the new tracks she released today and I think I prefer Real Friends more than NBTS. The simple acoustic is more cohesive with Havana’s latin-pop sound.

Also, she has moved on from Havana quite quickly considering it’s still charting globally within the Top 10. But then again from a sales and charts wise point of view, exploiting Havana’s success while it’s still in it’s peak is a smart business decision. Hope it works out for her.


“Never Be the Same” isn’t impacting radio until January, so they’re giving “Havana” the last hurray.


“Havana” has been knocking around since early August; it was serviced to radio a month later. It’s time to move on before they lose any momentum built.

The reason why “Crying in the Club”, “I Have Questions” and “OMG” were axed is because the album is exclusively produced by Frank Dukes. “Havana” was originally produced by Pharrell, but Frank ended up taking that track over as well. She went with a publishing management company called Electric Feel to produce her album to gain control of her sound as opposed to Epic having a say.


“Havana” was originally produced by Pharrell

This would have been better though. :coffin:


She should release Real Friends as the next single, not NBTS.


I just hope Inside Out makes it. Even if it’s just the Target bonus track!


I believe I read that OMG will not be on the album.



no crying in the club and omg??? This is so stupid!!!

What the difference beetween Never been the Same & Never Been the Same (radio edit)???


We’ve been known CITC and OMG wouldn’t be on the album. The whole album direction was changed once Havana became a hit. I prefer new songs over songs we’ve already gotten. I still don’t like the radio edit being on be album :frowning:


Crying in the Club (Benny Blanco, Happy Perez and Cashmere Cat), OMG (Stargate) and I Have Questions (Jesse Shatkin) were not produced by Frank Dukes, hence why they’re not on the album.

The difference between the two versions of Never Be the Same is the pre-chorus. Instead of “just like nicotine, heroin, morphine”, she says “just like nicotine, rushin’ me, touching me” in the radio edit.

All in all, the tracks were omitted so she could gain full control of how the record sounds and she’ll end up profiting more. She’ll also be less of a financial burden to Epic.


Also, Target has an exclusive with a bonus track, which is more than likely the edit of Never Be the Same and a poster that I imagine is like the Lust for Life poster where it’s just the regular booklet printed as a foldout instead.


“Scar Tissue” with Charli XCX and “The Boy” featuring Ed Sheeran have been confirmed to be on the album.


I think the Radio Edit for NBTS is on the standard so I would think Target would have a new track but then again, we’re not too sure. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Let’s hope so.

The Japanese edition has two bonus tracks, so it looks like they’re spreading them around. Selfishly, I’m hoping the two exclusive pressings have different bonus tracks so we’ll have a total of three more songs, but we’re talking about Epic so I don’t see that happening. :coffin:

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