Charlie Puth - Voicenotes (May 11th, 2018)



01. The Way I Am
02. Attention
03. LA Girls
04. How Long
05. Done For Me (featuring Kehlani)
06. Patient
07. If You Leave Me Now (featuring Boyz II Men)
08. Boy
09. Slow It Down
10. Change (featuring James Taylor)
11. Somebody Told Me
12. Empty Cups
13. Through It All

Charlie_Puth_-Attention(Official_Single_Cover)Attention • April 20th, 2017

Charlie_Puth_How_LongHow Long • October 5th, 2017

Charlie_Puth_Done_for_MeDone For Me • March 15th, 2018

Promotional Singles
200x0wIf You Leave Me Now • January 5th, 2018

200x0wChange • March 26th, 2018

200x0wThe Way I Am • May 3rd, 2018


I love every single song he has put out thus far, so it’s annoying for me to see this album constantly being pushed back. I hope we actually get it in May.


I have been DYING for this album!!! Let’s hope it really comes in three weeks.



It’s unfortunate that he’s a Trump loving douchebag as I like a few of the tracks this era. :toilet:




I love the colour palette used throughout the video.


His biography on Atlantic’s press site was updated and includes a lot of information about the album.

On the lyrical front, Voicenotes is an album that is largely about Puth’s struggle to find a normal relationship when his own life has hardly been normal since finding multiplatinum success, and the anxiety that pursuit has induced. “I wanted it to be a story of my travels from the East Coast to the West Coast and how my growing fame has affected my mind in good and bad ways,” he says. The first three singles — “Attention,” “How Long,” and “Done For Me” featuring Kehlani — cover that territory. “Whenever I met anybody, they often knew more about me than I knew about myself,” he says. “I’d never dealt with anything like that before.” Songs like “LA Girls,” “Like A Boy,” and “Slow It Down” detail different aspects of the rarified life of someone who feels like he should be enjoying the glittering lifestyle of fabulous parties and ample romantic opportunities, but just doesn’t — something Puth addresses on self-acceptance anthem “The Way I Am,” which opens with the following lines: “Maybe I’m a get a little anxious / Maybe I’m a get a little shy / Cuz everybody’s trying to be famous / And I’m just trying to find a place to hide”).

“The Way I Am” is being released tomorrow May 3rd along with the new album cover.


I liked the O.G. album cover, so I wonder what the new one will look like.



Okay I hadn’t heard about this but I just looked it up and that is wild. His music has always been very blah to me; he was very lucky to have gotten on See You Again. His song with Kehlani is good but I just took it off my Currently Spotify playlist because I realized I only liked Kehlani’s verse.


The new cover is so much better than the O.G.! Hope we get the new shoot soon! Daddy looks so much better with his poof!


The new cover is much better than the former, but he needs a hair cut.


I love him with his messy 'do. It’s such a sexy look on him, tbqh!



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