Christina Aguilera - The Late Late Show with James Corden (Carpool Karaoke)


for people who might find this interesting.


It was so strange to just get 3 songs from this Carpool Karaoke, they usually do a lot more.
This Paris Jackson look suits her, too.
Hopefully this means a new release is coming soon.


Hope so too, it’s been way too long!


This was from a primetime special of multiple karaokes, so they probably didn’t record as many, etc.


she’s got the GP wrapped around her diamond encrusted finger now, she really should’ve Accelerated the single to drop before this came out but at least she scalped everyone effortlessly as per usual


Oh… well, it’s good to have at least this, I guess.
Hopefully she can come back and do another one with some more songs.

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