CHVRCHES - Love is Dead (May 25th, 2018)

Pre-order Bundles: United States | Europe
Translucent Vinyl: Australasia | Europe | United States
1. Grafitti
2. Get Out
3. Deliverance
4. My Enemy featuring Matt Berninger
5. Forever
6. Never Say Die
7. Miracle
8. Graves
9. Heaven / Hell
10. God’s Plan
11. Really Gone
12. ii
13. Wonderland
Get Out | January 31st, 2018
My Enemy | February 28th, 2018
Never Say Die | March 29th, 2018
Miracle | April 10th, 2018


super fucking hyped


It sounds so fucking clean and sparkly; fucking obliterate me, queen and kings.


Sounds so good, ready to bop my ass off


Signed bundles are available through their store!


The new song is so good, snatched the clear signed vinyl tho!


i honestly hate this cover so much, but the music is great and you can bet i’ll be buying it the day it releases.


Rough Trade has confirmed that the standard vinyl pressing is a translucent baby blue whilst indie record retailers are receiving a clear vinyl. I’ve updated the OP with a plethora of pre-order links; most of them include a signed postcard with the exception of the Rough Trade links. I recommend snagging a copy asap if you’re wanting the signed postcard.


never say die was a bit of a disappointment for me tbh, miracle is def better.


Fantastic record.

However, it is definitely the weakest of their albums and the fault primarily rests on Greg Kurstin who has a real knack for bringing the most beige out of anyone he works with. If anything, it reminds me of Tegan and Sara’s last two albums with him; shiny and glossy. For a band like CHVRCHES, it’s almost a perfect fit, but he glossed over their grit that made them them.

I’m confident the album will sound even better in a live setting and I can’t wait to see them in August.

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