COVID-19 Quarantine?

Checking in with everyone. How’re we doing with the current real-life situation of quarantine and social distancing, with the current COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus) pandemic happening in the world?


Doing well. Been working from home and working quite a bit more than if I was in the office… Ugh. Michigan is the 3rd worse hit state in the US and it’s been rough here in downtown Detroit. I hear so many ambulances everywhere.

On a lighter note been listening to Future Nostalgia on repeat and I just got a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing, so looking forward to building an amazing island resort!

I really hope everyone is well too and staying in/physical distancing. Don’t be a stranger and we all should be posting more since we can’t really go out, myself included! Miss you guys!



Oh God… third worse? That’s horrible! I’m hoping you stay safe!!! Hate to say it, but according to the CDC (as of yesterday), my state has more cases than you. Michigan has 25,635 and Massachusetts has 26,867. And, according to The Guardian, we are the third highest state, and you’ve become the fourth. Damn.

YAY for some Dua!!! We stan her!! Miss you, too! xxxx


Here in Argentina, things are going fairly well … although some people still do not fully understand that they must correctly comply with the measures taken by the government, otherwise we will have to quarantine until Christmas.
Practically I am studying, the university sends us texts to study and then complete virtual “exams”. all very boring … I also read and do things at home so I don’t get so bored.
music and movies save me from not dying XD
(thanks google translator) xD


I’ve been stuck here at home in Ohio as well. They make it out to be SUPER bad out around us but statistics are honestly showing different. I’ve been working from home for about 6 weeks so I can’t complain though.


Things are slowing down where I am, but the numbers are still too high to do anything; we just extended to May 18 last week for the end of non-essential business closings. And, as of tomorrow, we are ordered to wear masks in places where social distancing is not accessible.


We are extended through May as well but business can open next week. Doesn’t make any sense to me but whatever, lol. I’m staying at home. My work is considered ‘essential’ so it doesn’t really pertain to me. LOL. I do miss browsing target though.


I don’t miss going out, honestly, ha.


Neither does my wallet LOL


Ha! Same!


I learned how many hair follicles I have in my pubic during the quarantine
so hot

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