- Lyric Website!


If anyone needs a great lyric site, I always use this one!

I’ve been using it for about a year now, and usually use it all the time when looking up lyrics. It has a lot of sections on the website where there are bio’s to learn more about the song, and lyric annotations, where people can collaborate and type up what they think the lyric means, and some real artists come and annotate their own music!


Yes I love this site! It’s my most reliable site for lyrics, and I love how they have access to artists and you get the annotations from them or they verify the lyrics. I’ve contributed a couple of times with some songs I couldn’t find.


I transcribe a lot of lyrics on this site, and I find it so helpful. It also helps you learn the lyrics to a song quicker if you transcribe them in my opinion.


Agreed! It’s kinda fun typing up lyrics and the metadata and seeing the views build up. I actually became an editor last week!


Obsessed with this website! I try to add lyrics when I can. I also love the app too!! Makes creating tweets so easy haha


YAS! slay a bit !!!


That’s so cool Alex! I was going to try and become an Editor, but I don’t think I’d have the time to do it :confused:


Very nice!! I’ve never seen it. Thanks for sharing!


Welcome! It’s my favorite lyric website out there, really the only one I use!

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