Hi there,

Though we could have a topic for instagram, where everybody can share their accounts.
Mine is @erik.folding
I usually repost hilarious memes and post a donz of picture of my dog. :grin::dog:
If you follow, I’ll follow back. :slight_smile:


My professional one is @alexdotpsd
Currently a bit dry because commissions aren’t coming in as quickly as they used to be, but I’d love some new followers (or clients depending on what you do lol)


Followed u back! And omg!!! Ur works are stunning!!!


this is mine :man_artist:


This is mine :blush:




My personal one.

Media Collection gram! (cds, movies etc…)

My Britney and Taylor Collection page!


followed u both :slight_smile:



Follow me ghels


I have two my personal & designs one feel free to follow whichever :slight_smile:


this is mine, go and check it out :kissing:


followed :slight_smile:


here’s my personal one

and here’s the one where I share my insert designs and other stuff (I plan to, I made this one literally a few weeks ago)


I honestly post random stuff.


This is my design Insta, where I post all my fanmade and official artworks and posters, as well as client commissions! I follow back most design accounts!

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