Jennifer Lopez - Por Primera Vez (TBA)


Title Por Primera Vez
Release date TBD
Label Sony Music Latin
Producer(s) Mark Howard

Confirmed tracks

All songs listed below are believed tracks for Por Primera Vez

Olvidame y Pega la Vuelta (with Marc Anthony)
Llegaste (with Roberto Carlos)
Un Poquito de tu Amor
Que Se Jodan
Ni Tu Ni Yo (feat. Gente de Zona)
Amor Amor (feat. Wisin)
Dime Que Me Esperas
A Tu Lado (feat. Nicky Jam)


Ni Tú Ni Yo (feat. Gente de Zona)
July 5, 2017

Jennifer Lopez, Oscar Hernández, Álvaro Farias, Manuel Bolivar, Jimmy Abreu, Jerickson Mendoza, Randy Malcom, Martínez Amey, Alexander Delgado Hernandez & Marco Antonio Muñiz

Amor, Amor, Amor (feat. Wisin)
November 10, 2017

Jennifer Lopez, Oscar Hernández, German Hernandez, Marco Antonio Muñiz & Juan Luis Morera

El Anillo
April 29, 2018

Writers TBD

Promotional Singles

Olvídame y Pega la Vuelta (with Marc Anthony)
November 18, 2016

Joaquín Galán & Lucía Galán

Chegaste (with Roberto Carlos)
December 16, 2016

Kany García


Se Acabó el Amor (with Abraham Mateo & Yandel)
March 9, 2018

Ramón Lavado Martínez (El Chacal) & Abraham Mateo


No thanks, give me another English album


Amen, I need some new J.Lo that I can bop to


Agreed. I’m sure it’s good but who knows what’s being said. lol


“Amor Amor Amor” is definitely better than “Ni Tú Ni Yo”, I know that much for sure!


New single “El Anillo” out now!


Where does this song belong? Buzz single? :see_no_evil:


This era has just been so messy.

Ain’t Your Mama & Love Make the World Go round were great English bops.

Then she put out Chegaste and that Olvidame song with Marc Anthony that sounded like the Spanish stuff from Como Ama Una Mujer.

Then Ni Tu Ni Yo and Amor Amor Amor were more reggaeton-style Spanish tracks.

Then we had US, a random English song out of no where.

Now we have El Anillo which feels more dance-pop and then Dinero with Cardi B & DJ Khaled which will probably be Spanish trap.

It’s just so messy and all over the place!! No announcement or actual details about the album. It’s just odd.

I’m here for all the new music but I hate the lack of direction.


ingles album or gtfo puta


No, because it’s not from the Spanish album, which is what this topic is about.



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