Justin Timberlake - Pepsi Super Bowl LII Halftime Performance



Well that was absolutely fucking mediocre.


Boring AF. Horrific.


…and yet his album hits #1 in a LOT of country. I dont get why,…


The difference between this and his Vanguard performance is pretty much 4.5 years, 2 new tracks and minor tweaks to the song choices, and no NSYNC reunion


A billowing sheet with Prince’s projection was the highlight and that tells you everything, doesn’t it. Prince’s estate flat out denied permission of utilising a hologram, so Justin going through with the “tribute” regardless really says everything about his white privilege.

“I’m not gonna lie to you guys because Questlove is the encyclopedia on music, but I feel like a gatekeeper on Prince”. Justin continued, “You’ve got to understand, we got the actual real vocal stems from ‘I Would Die 4 U.’ The actual recording. And then we got uncut footage of him performing it in Purple Rain and somehow, someway, by the grace of – probably Prince looking down on us – it synced up. It was like this crazy serendipitous moment.”

Coming from the man that Prince himself didn’t like much. Absolutely disgusting.


They cannot use his image with out consent. Please get an education. Thank you, singed, the internet.


I thought it was pretty boring, his VMA performance from a few years ago was way better imo.


This. I mean he might as well should have followed that forced-ass “tribute” with Give it to Me, where he mocked Prince’s singing and threw major shade at him.
It’s as if Madonna died this year (knock on fucking wood) and next year Lady Gaga went out and did a sort of duet with a projection on a sheet of Like a Prayer.
It’s forced, it’s tacky and it’s fake as phuck.
The rest of the medley was the same bland, uninspired stuff he’s been doing since always. Like @YoursTruly said, it’s almost the same as the Vanguard performance - only that one felt fresher and it had the NSYNC factor.



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