Katy Perry - Daisies | Thoughts?


I like it personally

reminds me a little a bit of Unconditionally.


It is a cute song, and am hoping it does what it needs to do. I am also loving the simplicity of the video; reminds me a bit of the vibe we got with “Never Really Over,” honestly.


Call me basic but i’ve never been a fan of this kind of slow music. I personally loved unconditionally but that was on a whole another level to me. I don’t feel this so much. Just like i didn’t feel her previous 3 singles.


^ basic






I lowkey love this song and don’t understand why everyone is meh about it. More for me! Bring on this weird era!


Weird indeed?
I hope that nothing on the album is like the title track
I DESPISE that song


I think its a cute little bop! It does feel a little “try hard”, but it’s fun.


For me it’s a boring song :x

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