Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life


  1. A Minute (Intro)
  2. Love So Soft
  3. Heat
  4. Meaning of Life
  5. Move You
  6. Whole Lotta Woman
  7. Medicine
  8. Cruel
  9. Didn’t I
  10. Would You Call That Love
  11. I Don’t Think About You
  12. Slow Dance
  13. Don’t You Pretend
  14. Go High

What is your favorite song? Which do you want to see as a single? Why is this the album of 2017?


I’m so obsessed with this album! Current faves are Medicine and I Don’t Think About You for sure, I think Whole Lotta Woman had so much potential but the cheesy lyrics and some other elements kept it from being THAT song. Great album overall, Kelly can do no wrong :heart_eyes:


I LOVE Whole Lotta Woman! I kinda prefer it Didn’t I, but both slay. Kelly gave us some VVOOCCAALLSSS with this album! It is a perfect album that legit slays :cry: :heart_eyes:


I’m gonna give it a try later :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m just sitting down to listen! I bought the album yesterday but wasn’t feeling well enough to give it a proper listen when I got home.


This album is so damn good! I’ll admit i was worried it was going to be another piece by piece but she really did that! This might overtake “All I Ever Wanted” as her top album :heart:


Album of the year! Meaning of life for next single.


i love this album by Kelly. All songs reminds me a different style of music


I really love ‘I Don’t Think About You’ and ‘Move You’.


FLAWLESS ALBUM!!! Can’t wait for this tour!


Loving this album! I’m really into “would you call that love”. Impressed overall though compared to her last few releases.


fucking BALD
miss belly clarkbar really did NOT come to play with this album, i love every single song
this kind of soul-pop vibe is exactly what Legend X needs for X6 when it comes out in 2025


I was legit trying to think of how to write this post and came up with a soul-pop term only to see that my originality is dead and someone else had mentioned it lol.

But for real though every song is so well done and a full album playthrough is always a must. However, “I Don’t Think About You” sticks out to me for its gorgeous and poignant vocal display as she guides me away to heaven where I see my wig waiting for me. Bless her for starting to do the kinda music she wants to and delivering on every level.


Worth a listen, but wish there were more pop dance tracks than slow ballads.


I’ve never been too much of a ballad guy, but I really love her voice.
I’m going to give it a shot sooner rather than later.


Agree with this. Songs are good but needs to be some more bops!


I haven’t been this obsessed with a complete album for a long time, I don’t skip a track. I think this album is EXCELLENT, I want the vinyl now haa

Also, Medicine is THAT song


This gif is PERFECTION! OMG! It fits perfectly with the slayage that is Medicine!


play Medicine in the background and try to sync it to the gif, I screamedd :joy:


Easily my favorite album of the year! I’ve tried to pick a favorite song & I can’t even narrow it down to 5. Seriously a masterpiece, & she completely NAILED it with her goal of making a record that sounds like her live shows!

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