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Primal Heart captures a more daring Kimbra. She’s shed the sumptuous, psychedelic electro-soul of 2014’s The Golden Echo for future funk and warehouse R&B. Imagine a playlist of Janet Jackson, Goldfrapp and FKA twigs.

“For the first time as a musician, I’m confronting a lot of things in a more direct way. I used to write in a lot of metaphors and idealism and surrealism or escapism – and a lot of my imagery is based around that. But, for the first time, this album seems like it’s more confrontational than before. I’m grounded – which feels exciting, you know? It feels kinda liberating.”

For Primal Heart, Kimbra booked John Congleton as co-producer. The Texan all-rounder is best-known as St Vincent’s long-term cohort – winning a Grammy for her 2014 foray. But his production discography this year alone includes albums by Goldfrapp, Nelly Furtado, Future Islands and Blondie.

Primal Heart has an industrial edge, broaching IDM, yet Kimbra’s expressive voice is at the fore.

Kimbra implies that Primal Heart is her response to America’s volatile political climate, but the most immediate influence has been New York – its gritty surrounds a stark contrast to indulgent LA.

“This city demands a boldness of you – and a toughness,” she says. “It confronts you with reality, this place – it confronts you with all walks of life. It’s all happening around you.”

Coincidentally, Kimbra is now again living in the same city as Gotye – who’s cutting the mythic follow-up to 2011’s Making Mirrors.

“He just invited me over with some friends and he showed us the new material from the record – it sounds AMAZING. So I’m always in touch with him – we’re very close friends.”

Could the two reunite on a song?

“We’re both pretty focused on what we’re doing right now and our own projects,” Kimbra laughs. “But, because we have such a close friendship, it’s not impossible that we would do something again. But we’re very aware of how much attention that would receive. We would wanna make sure it’s being done for the right reasons. So that would be the main thing we would think about!”


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New remix/video for Everybody Knows:


The new album release date is April 20th. :toilet:

She released a song called Hi Def Distance Romance, you get a free download if you’re subscribed on her mailing list.


Friends of the mailing list.

Kimbra here!

I hope you’ve all had wonderful holidays with those you love. Now we walk towards our new beginnings in 2018; we celebrate all we gained, mourn for things we lost, adjust to the ever-changing nature of all things & set our sights on a new cycle. I’m excited, are you?!

In the spirit of giving, I wish to update you all on some changes to the path that I will take to release my album. Do not fear, Primal Heart is indeed being released in 2018 but I have a slightly different plan in mind for how it will now roll out and finally, land in your hands… Bear with me :slight_smile:

First of all, I have plans to release more music than ever this year and I am so excited by the sheer volume of work I have ready to share (and I mean this month)! So with that in mind, let me provide you with some more context for my decision to reschedule the release date of this full body of work.

Releasing an album has got to be one of the most exciting yet emotionally exhausting endeavours I’ve ever known. It’s like building a relationship with someone you are growing to love; there’s a wild cacophony of romance, ambition, expectation, fear, idealism, hope, faith and exertion… As many of us know from experience, perhaps what creates the best environment for a relationship, and the chance for it to grow to it’s best potential, is almost always a case of timing.

In service of the long term relationship I want YOU to build with this album, plus the final tweaks I’d like to make so this music can be released at it’s very best, the new album release date will be April 20th!

Do not worry, friends - I have SO much coming for you!!! I will be updating you on the mailing list every couple of weeks leading up to the campaign with music, videos, and not to mention some super exciting projects which will involve YOU, the faithful fan. So stay with me on this journey and just know that this opportunity will give me the chance to release even MORE work for you leading up to this date! It will not only lead you deeper into the album I have been creating but also give me the precious time to build the right space for this record to exist inside.

And yes you heard right, a NEW song & video every month until the record drops, plus much more… I promise you it will all be worth the wait :wink: This new date gives me the chance to go above and beyond for you - to present this album in the final state it deserves to be in (plus the chance to finish some other projects I plan to coincide with its’ release)!

Despite the hastening movement toward a culture of singles, playlists and perhaps less need for a full body of work, I am personally still a big believer in the role of the album, and in the artist’s journey to see through that vision and stick with it, even when it takes different twists and turns… to wait for the right timing and not lose sight of the grand vision.

I’m so grateful to have a fan base that follows me through my process and trusts me even when that process sometimes changes. And now, to thank you for your support, I want to present something very special to you - a gift from me to you…

There is one song during the making of this record that stuck very closely to my heart. I’d even go as far to say that it was one of my favorites of ALL the songs I wrote for this record, but for various reasons this song didn’t make it on the final album. However, I wasn’t happy just letting it gather dust, especially as it had been mixed and mastered, and I was so happy with how it turned out… I knew it was a song my fans would love and for that reason I’ve been playing it a lot on tour, and will be continuing to do so on the US tour because I have so much fun playing it!

I want to give you this song for free today as a thank you for journeying with me and understanding this brief delay. The song is called “Hi Def Distance Romance.” I have attached the lyrics at the bottom of this email for you, so you can go in depth with me. I also have an exciting plan regarding this song which I will share with you very soon (and it just might involve you! :wink: but for now… Live with the song, marinate in it, extend into the realms of imagination as you soar inside the sounds while you lay in bed with headphones on (best way to listen to music right?) or blast down a highway in a car with it bumping (second best) and I better see you singing along with the lyrics when I hit your city on tour!!!

Thank you, and here’s to a year of magic & creativity…
Yours Truly,



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