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SM has confirmed NCT China line debuts in the summer. :raised_hands:


Cube is really trying to snag YG’s place, huh?



FYI, BTS’ title track for LY:Tear is “Fake Love”. it was leaked by Billboard last week.




The Chain mini album is out and it’s rather good, especially “Come Back” and “100”. The title track is a bit of a racket, but it’s grown on me considerably since its release.


only care for Blackpink, what is taking so long?



^ Their weakest title track yet tbh


imo they’re grossly overrated, but I’m attempting to support them in hopes it’ll start a bigger hallyu wave in America. :toilet:




1. dal segno
2. love4eva featuring Grimes
3. frozen
4. one way
5. rendezvous 18.6y



Pristin V K-I-L-L-E-D IT




This is so great (lol at Grimes “feature” being a tiny intro).
The video was shot in Budapest btw.


ODD EYE CIRCLE > yyxy > ⅓
and that’s the tea.

The beauty and a beat EP is just okay. I feel like the individual singles were much stronger whereas OEC carried the quality from their individual singles over to Max and Match. “love4eva” and “frozen” are the most memorable of the bunch, the rest can be tossed imo.


tbh, OEC have had the strongest material out of all the LOONA releases


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