Lana Del Rey On The Cover Of Billboard


The singer graciously granted an interview. In it, Lana opens up about her uncharacteristically jubilant new album.

“I think a good word [to describe Lust for Life’s shift in mood] would be present – less from the outside looking in, and a more integrated perspective lyrically,” she said. “I started writing the darker songs first: ‘Heroine,’ ‘Get Free,’ ‘13 Beaches.’ So I had to get through all my complaining [laughs]. Then, once I got to be cathartic in that way, I thought, 'All right, now I want to invite my friends in.” Obviously, the election was happening halfway through my writing process, and I ended up writing “When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing” and “God Bless America --And All the Beautiful Women in It.” All these little things culminated in a body of work."

Elsewhere, Lana says she was pleasantly surprised with the general reaction to her LP. “I wanted to see if [Lust for Life] would be heard for what it was really saying. Overall, from what I read, it was interpreted correctly. Which is a good sign for me: It means I’m not seeing things one way and the culture is seeing things the other way. That means you need to check yourself, and I don’t want to check myself. I want to stay in the flow. Maybe I needed a lot of time to be me, all to myself, and just be weird. Who knows why timing works out the way it does? But I really like this record. I think if this was the first record some people heard from me, I’d be really proud of that.”

Read the full interview here.

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