Laptop or Tablet? - Help me decide


Hey Guys,

So am currently using my 2010 macbook pro. It’s been nearly a decade. It doesn’t run as fast ofc and not eligible for any more OS update.

85/90% I use it for browsing, e-mails and downloads of music/shows even tho I still do a lot of that via streaming. I rarely do work on office stuff but I do get certain courses from time to time when I need to do an assignment.

I also have a 3rd generation ipad which I don’t use as I use my iPhone for everything.

I’m currently looking into the Gold Macbook - probably 512GB.

Given the size of the laptop should I just get an iPad + Keyboard which would save me money and be more current? Working on assignments and so on/download stuff option is kinda a drawback I think.

So - iPad / Macbook? What specs of the macbook would you suggest for daily use?

Thanks guys! x


I would always say a laptop tbh. There’s so much more you can do with a laptop compared to an iPad. If the iPad ran Mac OS, then I’d say that, but with it running iOS, it’s just not worth it in my opinion.


You’ll never be satisfied with a tablet.

For portability, I would go with either a MacBook or the MacBook Air. I’ve owned my MBA since mid-2013 and it’s the best laptop I have owned. If you plan on doing more intensive work, make sure that you upgrade the RAM and processor when configuring your product. The base 8gb configuration is more than plenty if you have no intentions of touching products like Photoshop, Final Cut, any music DAW, etc.

The downside to the regular MacBook is the lack of peripheral inputs, but HyperDrive has this hub that allows passthrough charging with additional ports. Also, Apple changed the keyboard mechanism for their standard MacBook and MacBook Pro and supposedly it’s one of the worst recent changes to their line-up; a speck of dust has been reported to mess with keys and some keys end up having a more sponge like touch to them instead of the proper click.

Honestly, I would wait. Apple is planning on refreshing their line-up relatively soon (sometime Q2). This buyer’s guide is quite informative.


Go for a laptop, but I never really understand why people are sticking with Macbooks or iMacks, they are waaaaaay to expensive and they cant do any extra. For that money you can chose a Windows one and it will be more stronger IMO.


I will never ever ever use a windows system unless I get poor or am forced to (like I am at work yet I occasionally find ways around that). MacBooks WORK. They do NOT take forever to load and they still work like a charm even after 10 years compared to a windows system. Trust me - I have used windows from 1995-2012 and was always like “Oh why would people get apple products, they’re just expensive and aren’t any better…” - YES. THEY. ARE. Yes they are expensive but you do not need to replace them every two or three years because they don’t work anymore. @Erik (no offense)

I’m eyeing for an iPad as well but the iOS vs OSX argument keeps being the strongest one so far. Go for a new macbook.


Well, dont get me wrong, I have an iMac, and I have a HP laptop.
My bf usually is using the iMac for photoshoping, writing schedules etc. When I’m home alone, I’d rather work my HP. I dont know why, that iMac seems really complicated for me, especially when we need a new program and the only way is to buy it from the app store. I had a macbook white back then but I seriously hated it. Probably because I have a lot of movies, pictures and music on my laptop and that macbook (and even this iMac) doesnt have that much storage like my laptop.
I only use the iMac when I want to see a music video or a movie tbh, other than that I’m always using my laptop. But obviously this is only my point of view, maybe I’m really old fashion. :slight_smile:


There’s these wonderful inventions called external hard disk drives for when you need more storage. You really should be already backing up your personal data anyway for safe keeping.

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