Liam Payne - Debut Album (September 14th, 2018)


Album Name: TBA
Release Date: TBA
Tracklist: TBA


Beyond excited and ready for King Liam. :crown:


Can’t wait for this album, loved all singles released so far, so if that’s anything to go by, it should be a great album!


I’ve been liking the singles so far, so I’m definitely interested in checking out the album!


I haven’t gotten around to listening to Bedroom Floor but I loved his other two releases


A friend asked me a few weeks ago why I really didn’t like Liam, and the way I see it is…

When Zayn left, he kinda jumped on the “I’m gonna be the sexy one”; I mean, no doubt about it, whether you like him or not, he definitely had the sex appeal angle working hard for him.

Then, at some point, Liam was like “You know what? I can do the same thing!!!1!!1!” and no one in his inner circle told him different. They just kinda gave him a clap and said “Sure thing buddy”.

So, yeah, the songs are catchy, but I’m just not sold on the 24 year old dad married to a woman twice his age being sexy.


Yas Liam slay us with your bops. But please more sexy shoots/video. You wasted STD by not stripping down.


He isn’t married, so you’re wrong in that regard, and what does her age have to do with anything? If he were her age and she were his, so many more people would be applauding.


In comparison to the other guys, his music hasn’t really appealed to me.
I feel like he’s too preoccupied with chasing hits rather than making good music.


He’s not married to Cheryl yet. And age these days is becoming less and less of an issue, look at Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and even SIN legend, Britney Spears. They all are (or were) with younger men. :man_shrugging:


He is absolutely killing it.


Looking forward to this album. His solo debut has been interesting to watch over the past year.


I can’t wait for this. But I felt like he needed to release it when Strip That Down was still big. Bedroom Floor flopped so unless he gets another hit, the album will flop too…


The best thing he has to his name for now is “Get Low” and that’s mainly due to Zedd. Get him on some more of his productions and we’ll be set. “Strip That Down” was a bit shit™ and “Bedroom Floor” was a complete nonevent. I think he has it in him to release decent music, but he’s gotta stop chasing hits for that to happen.


“Strip That Down” is played a lot on the radio here. It’s insane.


I’d do him. his stuff is alright i guess.


He confirmed on GMA that his album is out on September 14th.


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