Louisa Johnson | YES | 16 March 2018



The production and vocals sound very Xtina, especially the early 2000s pop chorus.



Britney’s look + Christina’s Dirrty = LOUISA <3


All I hear during the chorus is Pussycat Dolls’s When I Grow Up

and 2 Chainz at the beginning ruins it for me :joy:


It’s PCD meets Blackout with “Dirrty” chucked into the mix
a.k.a. a banger, but I’m gonna need a solo version stat.


Lol, why did she ditch her last name?


this is such a bop! good job Louisa! hopefully this smashes and she actually has a chance


This song is incredible, I hope it can become a hit for her!


She was cancelled the minute her homophobic tweets came to light.
Syco is already talking about dropping her after “Yes” peaked at #65.

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