Lykke Li - so sad so sexy


Lykke Li just gave us the first two singles, “deep end” and “hard rain”, off of her new album, “so sad so sexy”, out June 8th.


These are fucking amazing.


Indeed, they are amazing - she went in a completely different direction… maybe a bit more into her first album.
Deep end sounds like what Nelly Furtado should’ve done after Loose, tbh.
Can’t wait for so sad so sexy :heart:


Absolutely love this album!

I agree completely, Nelly should have took this direction as well, her last album was a major let down


I adore the art direction of this era, I really need to head into the city and buy a physical copy. How do people think it compares to her last albums? I’ve heard people say her sound has become commercialised and too pop-y which is both sad to hear yet still interesting :confused:


Can’t believe all this sacrilege, The Ride was a corker of an album! :sob:


It’s almost a return to her roots - she loses the ethereal, mopy sound from I Never Learn and goes for things that are more in tune with what she used to do before - it feels as if she took Youth Novels and made a 2018 sequel - which is why I think people may feel she went more “commercial”.
The album is very trap, ambient hip-hop kind of weird feeling. I just love it, lol.
… but then again, I love everything she’s released.

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