Madonna – Discussion


ok, but, what a fucking legend!!


Madonna needs to step up her game a bit and deliver some bops
Seriously MDNA & Rebel Heart got old so fast for me
She should bring her old method of working with 1-2 producers


I agree. I love that old bitch but she’s being sloppy with her career.
… still, I’m one of those fans that loved her 1-2 combo of Music / American Life, and wishes that she would go that route now. Or maybe even an album or EP of covers of songs she loves - like that Between the Bars cover she uploaded to her Instagram.
I mean, whatever studio album she releases I’m buying, but I’d like to have something that doesn’t get old as fast as her last two albums…


I love her so much, but her latest released didn’t have long play value. She needs something fresh sounding!

Btw, can someone edit the topic with a photo and some more details? All of these topics in Pop Sirens, Men In Music and Groups are Wiki topics, which should be available to edit by anyone!


May she get a banner now? :crown:


Chose this (recent) pic because her face’s changed so much over the years but her kween eyes remain the same! You can tell it’s Madonna and it would look great in the mosaic banner. :crown:


She should bring back Mirwais Ahmadzaï & Stuart Price tbh :sweat:


I love all her albums, best artist ever. Anyway she needs something more special again.

I think working with Stuart Price again would be great. I usually like what he produces.


Is she working on new music? :thinking:


She started following Mirwais Ahmadzaï (Music, American Life) on social media and there’s speculation they’re working together but that’s a bit of a reach imo. :toilet:
Best case scenario she’s working on music and being very secretive about it after literally everything she recorded for Rebel Heart leaked. I guess she wouldn’t like to overshare again.



didn’t she mention in an instagram post that she was going to start working on new music about a month or two ago while she was in another country.


She did indeed. I’d love Madonna to work with Xenomania, Pet Shop Boys and Stuart Price again I feel that these 3 producers would give her a fantastic album. :+1:t2:


she said it here in this post


During the ‘Sketching With The Stars’ game featuring Anderson Cooper Madonna revealed some juicy info about her upcoming projects!

When asked by Anderson Cooper about a new tour, she promptly replied “Soon” and provided to add that ‘2017 was soccer mom in Portugal, 2018 I’m coming back baby, I’m coming over you!’ pointing her finger over Anderson.


Why is she not in the mosaic banner yet?


Because as usual everyone forgets the Queen. :disappointed:


Coming to slay in 2018 yas


That would be so great


William reveals Madge secrets in album doc

MADONNA’s 1998 album Ray of Light is one of the most iconic of her career – and now its producer is revealing the secrets behind its creation.

WILLIAM ORBIT is working on a documentary which will tell the stories behind Madge’s seventh album to mark the 20th anniversary of its release in February.

It was hailed for bringing electronica into pop music.

A source close to the producer revealed: “William wants to mark the 20th birthday of his most successful album, and arguably Madonna’s too, by revealing everything that went into creating the record.

“It will cover all the events, including how Madonna was originally working on the album with her old collaborator Patrick Leonard and other producers, but changed direction completely when she heard Orbit’s sound.

“It was at that time that Evita changed the way Madonna sang and it came just after she became a mum, which really influenced the themes of the album.”

She has released six more studio albums since then, and rightfully earned the Queen of Pop title

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