My landlords are crazy!


Before I dive deep into this, let me start by saying I’m MOVING OUT this weekend. 4 years ago I lost my job and had to move in with family members as a result. My aunt and her husband happened to have their one of their basement suites for rent (there’s 2 basement suites in the same house), so they allowed me to move in. They set my rent at $300 since the suite didn’t have a real bedroom (more like a really tiny den) - plus, family discount.

Well…let me tell y’all…if you ever have the opportunity to live with family, DON’T DO IT. Because the last 4 years (or more like the last 2 years) have been absolute hell on earth! Here’s just a tiny sampling of the things I’ve been through since living under their roof:

  • My uncle’s meth-addicted son showing up/threatening to burn the house down with everyone in it.
  • My uncle’s alcoholic friend moving into the other suite and nearly burning the house down at 3 AM.
  • My aunt and her friend breaking into my suite to snoop (caught them on video.)
  • My aunt admitting to illegally opening a piece of my mail.
  • My uncle mocking my disability and discriminating against it.
  • My uncle calling me a “cyborg” and “pig on legs” for filing a Human Rights complaint against him.

…it goes on and on. You can’t make this stuff up. I’m just glad to finally be getting out of this hell hole.

Anyone else have any crazy landlord stories?

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