🚀 New Features, Upgrades & Bug Fixes



Thank you Eric! :slight_smile:


Eric, currently the “hide details” bbcode strips away any special formatting ie. img, youtube, etc bbcodes. Is there any way to sort this out? I’m curious because threads like the k-pop/j-pop thread are starting to look messy due to all the images and videos being posted and I figured it would be a solution to increasing load times and maintaining cleanliness.

For example, I tried adding images under the “hide details” bbcode and instead they showed as hyperlinks. So, I tried adding the img bbcode and that sorted it out in the preview screen, but once I submitted the edit/post, the images no longer would display in the thread.




Yea, I’ll have to work/look into this. Thanks for pointing it out.


I’ve been getting this error quite a bit within the last few weeks. The issue actually began right around when I suggested the details bbcode fix.

I went to upload said screenshot to SIN, and I received this error in return.

I’m assuming server issues.


@AirRockStar I am experiencing the same issues as @Kenji right now!


Wanted to give an update! Been looking into this with our host and they said everything should be fixed now.

I will also be updating the site with more stabilizations over the next week or so also. :wink:


@AirRockStar , the “Post Error” issue came back today for me.


I’ve been getting server errors at a rapid rate the last 24 hours or so.




I’ve been working on the server which might be why, but if you can post a screen shot or the error code that might help me too.


Seems like I can’t any edit of my topic titles… someone else edited them, and now I’m locked out of doing so. @AirRockStar any fix on this? And getting a lot of “Internal Sever Error” messages, too.


That someone is me; I was retitling everything in the albums section to coincide with the rules. I didn’t know it prevented further edits by the OP. :toilet:

What’s SIN 4.0 without the plethora of server crashes? We make ATRL look normal.


Server has been updated again! Hopefully it helps with any server issues. :crossed_fingers:

Added Chat & Direct Messaging enhancements to the Chat Box! :heart:

Also began to simplify the Categories and Home page as well! :nerd:

Unfortunately, I’m still getting multiple connection errors, and am being asked to “try again.”
Don’t know if it’s a malfunction with the upgrade, or a one-off event.



Hmm I’ll see what else I can do. :confused:

We might need a new server because everything is up to date.

Is there a certain link or action you are doing when you see this error?


Visiting the main home page.

edit; just happened again visiting a profile.


Thanks, I’ve made a note of these two.

I’ve noticed it only happens when I use the logo to get back to the main page, but if I use the drop down while I’m on a topic and select Categories, I can usually get back to the homepage that way without ever seeing the error… so weird.

I’m trying to pinpoint the error, I might remove the topic image previews next to see if that helps too.

I’m really thinking it’s the server, might be too slow… ugh. Going to have to drop more $$.


Just wanted to let you guys know, I’ve noticed some style bugs on Mobile after the update, I’ll have them all fixed over the next couple days!

// Who's Online (Guests Fix)